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5 Amazing Money Management Lessons From Your Favourite TV Shows

7Is Jon Snow really dead? Will Sheldon and Amy get back together? If these are the questions that keep you awake at night, you probably are a sucker for TV shows. You might be tired of your parents or your friends constantly asking you to ‘Grow Up’ and ‘Stop Wasting Time’ watching these shows. You can gladly tell these people that they are wrong as you are not wasting your time watching TV shows. Instead, you are going through a learning experience by watching episode after episode of these shows.

Your favourite TV shows not only make you laugh or teach you how to cook best quality Meth, but they can also help you to learn important life lessons and understand how you can manage your money better.

Here are 5 amazing money management lessons from your favourite TV shows:

1. Pay all your debts (Game of thrones) – If there is anything that you can learn from the Lannisters, it is that you should always clear all your debts. Although their moral compass may not be pointed at the right direction, they surely know how to be the ideal borrowers as they always pay off their debts. So, if you have credit card bills, home loan payments or any other pending debts, you should pay them off in full and be debt-free. You may not get to claim the ‘Iron Throne’ but you can surely avoid being chased by debt collectors.

2. Get a good health insurance plan (Breaking Bad) – If you are diagnosed with a life threatening disease like Cancer, you should have a comprehensive health insurance plan that can help you take care of your medical expenses. Walter White has taught us that if we don’t have the right health insurance plan, we might have to try drastic measures to earn more money and pay for our treatment in case we are faced with a severe disease. Remember, becoming a Drug Lord is not really a viable option for everyone.

3. Never forget to save money (Friends) – Joey starts earning a lot of money after getting a part in the TV show ‘Days of our Lives’. But he does not save any of that money and instead spends most of it on getting a lavish apartment, a weird statue of a dog and other such excesses. When he loses his part in the show he can no longer afford such luxury and has to move back in with Chandler due to being broke. Thus, the moral of the story is that you should always save some money for a rainy day. Like Chandler, your friends might also try to help you out but life is not a Sitcom and you might not always be as lucky as Joey.

4. Don’t misuse your credit cards (How I Met Your Mother) – If you cannot afford to pay your credit card bills, do not go on a shopping spree with your credit card. You can try putting your bills in your ‘Box of Shame’ like Lily but that is not going to help. As adorable as she might be, she sure doesn’t know how to manage her credit card expenses and always ends up spending more than she should. You should try to avoid overspending with your credit card as it can get you in to a quagmire of financial troubles.

5. Do not hide extra cash at home (The Big Bang Theory) – Dr Sheldon Cooper is a brilliant man with an IQ that is higher than that of Professor Stephen Hawking but despite that he doesn’t know how to manage his money. He hides his extra cash in not-so-secret places in his apartment and that is never a good idea. If you have some extra money like Sheldon does, you can invest the same in a recurring deposit or a fixed deposit account and earn interest in the process. Hiding extra cash under your mattress or in a snake can is never really a good solution.

Pros and Cons of Watching Television

6Many of us love watching TV especially during our free time and if we don’t have anything to do. We like watching TV while eating our favorite snacks or hanging around in a friend’s place. Either way we are entertained when we watch TV.

There are many different programs we can watch on TV depending on our mood and our personality. Some love watching comedy and talk shows while others particularly kids and those who are young at heart love watching cartoons on Cartoon Network or Disney channel.

But then, watching TV has its advantages and disadvantages. Experts say that too much watching of TV especially among children is not good for the health and the mind. TV can be entertaining and informative yet at times it can be damaging and harmful.

Below are the Pros and Cons of watching TV.


1.) Entertainment and Laughter
We are entertained by shows we love to watch. We laugh at things we find funny and comical in the TV program we are watching. We also love to dance or sing along with celebrities we see on TV and some of us even copy their dance moves and singing styles.

2.) Information and How-To
We learn a lot of information about places and people that we usually don’t learn on magazines, books and newspapers. There are travel shows that show us beautiful places in the world and inform us the culture of different countries which can be a great help especially if we are planning to travel. We also easily learn how to cook new recipes by watching cooking shows and we can learn doing some other stuff through programs that show step-by-step procedures of performing a particular work, exercise or other interesting stuff.

3.) Improve Memory and Easy Learning
We usually take note of the time schedule for our favorite programs especially if it is only shown once or twice a week. We tend to store and recall the things that recently happened in our favorite show before the next episode will be shown on TV. This will help enhance our memory which we can apply on our daily life. For children, it is easier to learn math, science, alphabet and other subject matters if someone can show them how to do it like counting, identifying objects and a lot more. Educational TV shows are available for children to watch and learn.

4.) Bonding With Family and Friends
Watching TV is a great way to bond with family and friends especially on weekends. You can laugh and discuss things that you see on TV. That can be really fun.

5.) Awareness and Alertness
Weather reports and current news on different parts of the worlds can make you aware of what is happening outside your country. You can also be alert when there is an incoming typhoon in your area and that can help you get prepared.

1.) Decline in creativity and imagination.
TV shows including commercials have tendency to share their creative works on us and impart their ideas and opinions on us which is not favorable and can lead to a decline in our creativity and imagination since we can not think on our own since creative stuff are readily available and shared to us.

2.) Health problems
We usually eat junk foods or any of our favorite snacks while watching TV. This is not good for our health because we tend to eat a lot while we are sitting down facing the television. This can lead to obesity since we don’t move a lot when we watch TV. This can also lead to other serious ailments caused by eating a lot and moving less.

3.) Makes people lazy
Most of us get hooked when watching programs of our favorite TV channel. We sometimes even forget to do our work or other important things because we got engaged in the show we are watching. Some people forget to do their household chores because they would rather watch TV than work.

4.) Some shows don’t teach good values.
There are TV programs that do not teach good values particularly to children. Instead of teaching them good deeds they even imitate, re-enact or spoof important things happening around us which is not good for children to watch.

To sum up, in watching TV you should choose and monitor the TV programs that you and your children should watch. Choose programs that can help you learn and grow as a person. You should also limit the time your children spend in watching TV. The maximum number of hours small kids should watch TV is 3 hours while for teenagers you should make sure they watch good shows only when they are done with homework and projects.

Peekvid TV Shows Dexter a Good Time Party

5Are you a fan of the new hit Showtime series, “Dexter?” I sure am and if you missed the
13th episode, don’t worry, Peekvid TV has got you covered in blood. If you like a good
mystery and a great guy who plays a serial killer, then you will be drawn into the dark
world of Dexter. He is a serial killer with more twists and turns then trying to find what
your looking for in Google.

Please keep in mind that Peekvid is not the only free movie watching site on the internet. I reveal my “secret” list of free movie sites at If you can put up with all the pop-ups on Peekvid, you will enjoy the easy navigation and simplicity. I reveal two free movie sites that do not have the annoying pop-ups! Pop-ups are like
a cheese grater on my last nerve. Ouch! That hurt like Tabasco sauce on a paper cut!

Dexter uses whatever means necessary to kill off the psychos, who slip through the cracks of the law system. Fortunately, Dexter has the dream job of being a blood spatter forensic expert. He uses his dark cutting edge skill to catch and, with his serial killer instincts, kill the monsters of society. Just the kind of guy you want living on the block in New York City for a good time party.

Unlike all the other shows on TV, that focus on catching serials killers(CSI/Criminal Minds), you get a chance to look at the world as Dexter sees it. You get a chance to take revenge on the serial killers, through the dark eyes of Dexter. The filming of the show is well-done like a steak at the Outback. I sincerely believe that Dexter will keep Showtime looking bloody good and it is about time.

If you want a show where you say, “Wow! I should have thought of that!”, then Dexter is a real artistic piece of work, who pulls at your heart strings. One scene shows Dexter like he is at a good time party! He is dreaming about all the people cheering him on for killing all the low lifes of society. As he is walking through the crowd, there is confetti flying
everywhere, now that is what I call a good time party!

FACT: Confetti really does enhance the gaiety of a festive event or parade.

Peekvid TV has the Dexter episode where he finds out his brother is also a serial killer. There is only one problem for dear old Dexter, his brother is a serial killer, who wants Dexter to kill for the joy of the kill. He does not follow the same code of killing that Dexter does. He tries to bring Dexter over to his world and he lovingly says, “you will
be free Dexter.” While he is teaching Dexter to be free, Dexter’s sister is tied down in saran wrap on a cold steel table. Will this loving family work out their deep-seated issues? Will Hillary Clinton be the next President of the United States? If you have some time to “kill”, then run on over to Dexter’s place and bring some hot sauce!

3 Ways to Know You Are Getting the Best TV Service

4A company that locks its clients into cookie cutter opportunities does not recognize individuality and the importance of being all things to all people. Having the option to choose channel lineups, where and how shows are watched, package deals, etc., is the first mark of an excellent TV service. Channel lineups fulfill varying customer interests and keep consumers from paying for channels they aren’t interested in.

The power to choose is a privilege, but can also be a daunting task with some channel packages boasting 290 options. Luckily, making a list of programs you are interested in has never been easier. Lineup options allow clients to simply check the box next to the channels they desire. This helps customers wade through their options and avoid overpaying. A TV service that offers these choices, along with the tools to organize channels, is the first way to know you have found a good service.


Where we find time to watch television and how we watch it has changed drastically in the past five years, and any service provider who doesn’t take this fact into account is not worth your time. Accessibility means watching shows, sporting events, the news, and more-basically watching anything on your own terms. True accessibility speaks to everyone’s needs, from the college student who wants to catch up on his favorite show from a mobile phone while doing laundry, to the single mother who needs to occupy her two and three year old while she fills out paperwork at an afternoon doctor’s visit, to the grandfather who had to “miss” his basketball game because of a grandchild’s piano recital. Without the ability to record and access your favorite shows and games to watch when it’s convenient for you, the power to choose the channels you want becomes irrelevant. This is the second major way you know that you have opted for the best TV service.

Package Deals and the Need for Speed

The last way to determine top-notch service from mediocrity is packaging options. Booking phone, the Internet, and television services with the same company offers the most efficient one-stop shop experience. If this is not the case, you will waste time and money. Excellent bundling means providing a variety of combinations with varying degrees of each service: phone, Internet, and television alike. This flexibility allows that grandfather who got to watch his basketball game after the recital to push the delete button on the Internet service he is not interested in using and apply those saved funds to more channels.

Similarly, the household with avid gamers will want to opt for the package with the highest Mbps (megabits per second). Mbps can be defined as the download or upload speed of an Internet connection. Basically, the more Mbps you pay for, the faster your household will transfer files. The need for speed and the desire for more channels can be met based on the package deal the consumer decides to purchase. Informed consumers know how to recognize good service when they see it. Keeping these three features in mind will help you make the best choices regarding your TV service in the future.

How Good Or Bad Are Cartoon Channels For Your Kids?

3This is a Question, which keeps haunting parents (mostly mothers) of all kids aged 3 to 10. Should we allow kids to watch cartoons, or should it be totally banned, is it good or is it really bad?

The issue that often pops up when chatting about young children watching cartoon channels is usually about leaving your children alone with cartoons to divert or entertain them, instead of parents giving our precious time to them.

Let’s analyze this million-dollar question!
I am a mother of 5-year-old daughter and have been regularly monitoring her television viewing. And this is what I have analyzed.

Let’s point out the good points first:
Cartoon shows are neither good nor bad. Occasionally cartoons are being used to demonstrate behavior that we would like our young children to adapt or copy, and even many times these cartoon shows are also used to exemplify qualities we would like our kids to avoid. It is up to the parents to help the child learn which is which.

From time to time there have been some good series like Madeline, Oswald, Noddy, Backyard Science, MAD, Mickey Mouse Club House. And some Hindi Indian Cartoons, which I would suggest are Gali Gali Sim Sim, Choota Bheem, Krishna, Ramayan and all Mythological stories.

It helps improve vocabulary; it could be English or Hindi.

It helps kids in analyzing situations. To understand how small little things are analyzed and then how small little decisions are taken by understanding what is right and wrong.

It helps them understand different cultures, societies, people etc.

There are so many shows, which are really educational, for all ages. And some programs show various Art and Craft activities, which can be actually utilized to put them to some creative work.

Now, let’s point out the bad points:

There are some really bad cartoons out there, which are a definite no-no for kids like Hagemaaro, ShinShan etc. The language used is awful.

With the kids watching television all the time, their physical activities which can only be achieved by playing in a playground are not taken care of.

Kids try to imitate what they see on television. Be it language or violence, they just want to behave like their “Super Hero”.

When parents continually leave their children to be entertained by the television it can have negative effects on child’s mind because children are primarily proactive and like to be doing something.

And one of the major concerns is the time kids spent in watching those cartoons. Every mother has a tough time moving her kids away from television. Ideally what I would suggest is to have fixed television-watching timings.

The best way to help your child create connection from television is if you get involved with them and explain what they are seeing, discuss different scenarios or outcomes, ask questions, and compare what you are seeing to what she has experienced.